We are currently developing a parents section for the web site.   Parents get a password  to allow you to access this when their child starts at the centre.  If you have not received your password please e-mail morag@dpsc.org.uk and ask for a website password along with your child's name.  If you would like child minders or other carers to have their own password please e-mail me their details so that a password can be sent out.

Clicking on the links below will take you to the relevant page:

(Please remember these are just being trialled at the moment as both staff and parents get used to using them)

The latest news (This blog will include information about what your children have been learning, and information about events, news, etc.)

Pictures of your children

Term dates

 A section for library books

Fundraising dates and events

Parent helpers and wood dates

Newsletter section

Wish list

We hope to add the following in the future:

Snack menu - foods we generally have for snack not necessarily a strict menu plan

Let us know if there is anything else which you would find helpful.