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About Our Sessions

On arrival at the Pre-School Centre, the adult accompanying the child is responsible for seeing that the child hangs her/his coat on the correct peg and that they change their shoes before entering the playrooms.

All our sessions usually begin with a time of free play where children may choose from the many activities available.  These include a house corner, sand and water play, painting, jigsaws etc.  Each session will also include an activity led by the playleaders and this may involve cookery, crafts, music or music and movement.  After the group activity, the children will help to clear away and then all sit down together to enjoy a cup of milk (or water if they don’t like milk) and a variety of healthy snacks.

Each session includes a story where the children are encouraged to concentrate and enjoy books.

Each child must be collected from the playroom at the end of a session.  A child will only be allowed to leave with an adult specified by the parent/guardian.

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Nursery Funds

For those receiving places funded by Dumfries and Galloway Council, there is a contribution of £0.75 each day.  This helps to cover the costs of charity administration, juice, cookery, parties, etc.

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Settling In

Parents are encouraged to arrange a visit with their child, prior to their child starting, so that they may see for themselves the activities undertaken at the Centre.  Children have different needs for settling in and they will be catered for individually.  We will work with you to ensure that your child is happy and secure in our environment.

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If your child requires to take medication during the session please talk to our playleaders as soon as possible as you will need to fill out the relevant paperwork.  All medication should be handed to the supervising playleader who will ensure it is kept in a secure place along with clear instructions for its administration.

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Emergency Procedures

In the event of your child becoming unwell during a session we will contact you or your emergency contact by telephone.  It is, therefore, vital that you keep the information you have given us up to date.

In the unlikely event of an accident your child will be taken to the doctor indicated on your Enrolment Form or to hospital and you or your emergency contact notified.

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Bad Weather Arrangements

In the event of closure due to severe bad weather we will inform you either by text or telephone and either request you do not attempt to bring your child, or if a session is in progress, that you come and collect your child at your earliest convenience.  If we cannot contact you, we will use the emergency contact number.  Please let us know if you have a preference on how to be contacted. No child will be permitted to leave without an accompanying adult.

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Child Protection

We recognise that the Pre-School has a prime responsibility to ensure the safety of the children in the Centre. There is a Child Protection Policy in operation -- as part of this, we require to know the identity of those collecting your child at the end of each session.  We also have a duty to record and report any signs of suspected physical or mental abuse.  Anyone coming to visit the children will be risk assessed in addition staff and students will have enhanced disclosures.

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The Centre has met SPPA’s Quality Assurance standards and has been inspected by H M Inspector of Schools. The Care Inspectorate also inspects us regularly.  The Scottish Government’s How good is our early years and childcare is used to evaluate the work carried out at the centre.  A very high standard has been achieved: indicating the high levels of performance at Dunscore Pre-School Centre.  Copies of all of these are available to those wishing to read them.

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